Hand Hygiene Australia — Online Training

Hand hygiene is a general term, which refers to any action of hand cleansing. When performed correctly, it reduces the number of microorganisms on the hands and is the single most effective action to reduce hospital acquired infections.

This course has been developed by Hand Hygiene Australia as part of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative and is a modified Hand Hygiene online learning package. It has been created as a simple tool to strengthen and test your knowledge of hand hygiene in healthcare.

The course takes approximately 70 minutes to complete and attracts 2 CNE points. The course is designed to give all staff working in health care settings an understanding of:

  • what hand hygiene is, why it’s important and who should practice it
  • when to perform hand hygiene and what to use
  • how to perform hand hygiene in both hospital and non-hospital settings
  • how to protect your hands and skin, and
  • other precautions and safety information.

There is no prerequisite knowledge needed to complete this course and the materials have been developed to provide relevant training for a wide range of health care workers, support workers and carers.

The course features:

  • professional audio
  • animation and interactivity
  • formative assessments, and
  • a certificate upon successful completion.

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